Material Selection

Choosing the right materials and finishes for your space can often be a challenging process during a renovation or new build. Our material selection service is tailored to meet your needs, providing expert guidance and advice to assist you in selecting the right fixtures and finishes.

Materials to enhance your space

As styling and design specialists, we help you make the right choices when it comes to internal and external finishes and fixtures.

In a material selection consult we consider the requirements of the space, your style and colour preferences, putting together a detailed concept board, FFE (fixtures, fittings and equipment) schedule and samples so you can source the right materials for your space.

A detailed FFE schedule includes everything from quantities needed to supplier information, prices and all other details.

Selecting the right finishes is an important part of a renovation, new build or commercial fit out. Within our material selection service, we look at floor coverings, tiles, benchtops, carpet, joinery, fixtures and finishes both internal and external.

Every detail is carefully selected to compliment the space, and produce a functional and harmonious end result that suits your requirements, budget and end use.

Our approach is tailored to suit the client’s budget and project requirements. Save time, money and stress trying to find the right materials, fixtures and fittings with a material selection service.

Whether you are doing a room refresh or working with architectural plans, a material selection consult is designed to help you find the perfect selections to elevate and enhance your space.

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