Design Consultation

Whether you are renovating, working with a builder or designer, or simply want advice on design layout, colours, or selected finishes, a design consultation is tailored to provide expert guidance, advice and clarity to help you move forward.

A design consultation with a difference

Our design consultation service can either be an online session, at home, or on-site visit, dependant on what you require. We can provide advice on floorplans and design layout, functionality, material selection, finishes, colours, style and more.
Perfect if you are looking for reassurance or assistance with finding direction, where to source materials or simply needing a second set of eyes.

Colour and art consulting

A design consultation also allows you the opportunity to discuss colour choices and artwork possibilities. Here at Hint Design, we are known for our unique eye for detail and colour expertise.
Choosing the right tones, depths of colour and colour palette is integral to creating a space. If you are unsure if you have picked the right colours, or don’t know where to start when it comes to colour and/or artwork, let us point you in the right direction.

Tailored to your needs

From small to complex projects, a design consultation service will ensure you are on the right track. With the ability to tailor to your needs and size of your project, a design consultation allows you to discuss anything from colour schemes, to layout, material selections, styling solutions and more.
We offer a collaborative approach that considers your needs, style and personality. Designed as an initial, no obligation consultation, it is perfect for those looking for advice and direction.

Move forward with confidence

Choosing design elements, and designing a space can be an overwhelming task. Gain clarity and confidence with a design consultation service. Perfect if you need someone to bounce ideas off, or require in-depth support and guidance on what you need and where to source it from.
Save time and money and ensure your selections, designs and ideas work together. We look at all the details ensuring every element works cohesively.

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